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ADAS Calibrations

ADAS Calibrations

Keep your car safe after a windshield replacement with ADAS calibration.

Imagine driving down the road, and your car suddenly swerves into another lane or brakes hard for no reason. This is a scary thought, but it’s a real possibility if your car’s ADAS is not properly calibrated, especially after a windshield replacement.

ADAS systems are a suite of safety features that rely on the windshield to provide a clear view of the road ahead. If the windshield is replaced or damaged, the ADAS cameras may be misaligned, causing the systems to malfunction.

Even a minor misalignment of the ADAS cameras can lead to serious accidents, such as:

  • The car braking suddenly for no reason
  • The car swerving into another lane
  • The car failing to detect a hazard on the road

To avoid these accidents, it is important to have your ADAS systems calibrated after a windshield replacement. We offer ADAS calibration services for all vehicles, regardless of where you had your windshield replaced. We use the latest in mobile calibration technology to get your windshield properly adjusted and better than ever before. We also offer mobile windshield calibrations, so you can skip the trip to the shop and have your windshield calibrated at your convenience. Schedule your windshield recalibration today and drive with confidence.

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